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Discover the Madrid system, which allows you to register your trademark in several countries.
through one single deposit

The International Trademark

What is it?

Centralized repository at WIPO

The international trademark is a single filing made with the INPI, which forwards the application to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, based in Geneva).

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Numerous member countries

This mark makes it possible to target many member countries of the system. Most countries in the world are members, with the main exception of some countries in Asia and South America.

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Advantageous rates

The centralized filing allows you to pay a basic fee and then an individual fee per country. The amount of the individual fee varies according to the countries and classes covered by the application. Filing an international trademark is very economical compared to national filings in each of the countries involved.

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Local registrations

Once the trademark has been filed, each State covered by the trademark will carry out its own examination and grant registration according to its local criteria. An international trademark may therefore be accepted in some countries, but not in others (for example because of a problem of availability in one country).

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Our Rates


Price valid for 1 to 3 classes

500 € HT

What's included

  • Identical prior art searches in up to 5 countries (beyond that: please consult us)
  • Trademark registration
  • Follow-up of procedures: transmission of information and certificates
  • Renewal Reminder

What is not included

  • Similarity search
  • Response to possible notifications in the different countries
  • Responses to any complaints or objections


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