The team.

Dedicated and passionate lawyers accompany you all along your trademark registration.

Here are the people who will take care of your precious trademark.

photo Claire Yam

Claire Jam

Industrial Property Attorney, Founder

After 4 years of working in an IP firm, Claire took the bar exam in Paris in 2011, and became an Industrial Property Attorney in 2012.

All along, she assisted companies of all sizes with their trademark registrations, in varied and exciting sectors.

Since she created her own firm in 2016, she has been helping entrepreneurs to give life to their trademark, while minimizing the risks so they can use it without any bad surprises.

What motivates her : "the joy of an entrepreneur who finally found THE brand he/she wants to use, and when I say that it is available".

Juliette Tallobre


Diplômée du Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI) de Strasbourg, Juliette cumule plusieurs années d’expériences très diverses en tant que juriste en cabinet de Conseil en Propriété Industrielle (CPI), en entreprise ou au sein d’institutions européennes majeures telles que l’Office Européen des Brevets.

These very rich experiences have enabled her to acquire in-depth knowledge in all areas of intellectual property: trademark law, patents, copyright, etc., both at national and European level.

Juliette a obtenu en 2020 l’examen de qualification de l’INPI et est officiellement devenue CPI en 2022.

She carries out assignments for Yamark as an external service provider.