Amazon Brand Registry

Protect and enhance your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

We can help you at every stage of protecting your trademark, including registering it on theAmazon Brand Registry. As a patent attorney, we help Amazon sellers to protect and enhance their brands effectively.

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L'Amazon Brand Registry is an essential platform for Amazon sellers who want to protect their brands and improve the visibility of their products on Amazon. By registering your brand with the Brand Registry, you benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Protection against counterfeiting on Amazon Prevent unauthorized vendors from using your brand and images.
  • Improved visibility on Amazon Take advantage of advanced marketing tools to optimize your product presentation.
  • Access to brand management tools : Use powerful tools to monitor and control the use of your brand on Amazon

L'Amazon Brand Registry offers a enhanced protection for registered sellersThis enables counterfeits and brand abuse to be quickly reported and removed. In addition to this, registered sellers have access to marketing tools such as A+ Content, which enables the creation of product pages enriched with images and additional text to attract and convert potential customers. Registered brands also benefit from better control over their listings, which helps maintain a consistent, professional look.

Amazon's trademark rules are very fluidand are evolving rapidly. To date, registration in the Brand Registry does not require the trademark to be definitively registered; a "pending" status is sufficient, provided that it is visible on the online registers. Not all offices publish the trademark immediately on their online registers, the right choice of country in which the trademark will be registered, depending on the urgency of your project. 

Once the trademark has been registered, the process of registering with the Amazon Brand Registry is relatively straightforward, but requires careful attention to ensure that all the information provided is correct and complete.


At Yamark, we offer a complete range of services to support you
in theregister your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

Trademark clearance study

We carry out background checks to check the availability of your brand and avoid conflicts with existing brands.

Trademark preparation and registration

We prepare and deposit the trademark application with the most appropriate office for your project, to guarantee efficiency and speed.

Follow-up and Management

We provide tracking your case and keep you informed every step of the way until theobtaining the registration certificate.

Brand Defense on Amazon

We offer services related to the unauthorized use of your brand and intervene for defend your rights in the event of counterfeiting.

Register with the Amazon Brand Registry

Once your trademark has been registered, we can assist you with the registration process.registration with the Amazon Brand Registry so you can quickly benefit from all its advantages.

Intellectual Property Strategic Consulting

We offer personalized advice on maximize the value of your brand and develop a solid intellectual property strategy.


Incorporation of an agent

Have you already registered your French or European trademark in the name of a foreign company and need a representative to see the procedure through?

We can help you set up an agent!

Trademark registration

We register your trademark with INPI (France), EUIPO (Europe) or any other country (UK, Benelux...). We'll work with you to find the best cost/time ratio so that you can register with the Amazon Brand Registry as quickly as possible.

Defending the brand on Amazon

By listing us as an agent on your Amazon account, we can interact with Amazon to defend your rights.

In this way, we can quickly dispute a complaint made by another seller, or on the contrary, lodge a complaint against an infringer.