Our job : Industrial Property Attorneys

Experts at your trademark's service

What is Industrial Property ?

Industrial property is the branch of intellectual property law that deals with trademarks, designs and patents.

IP protects, when possible, the name of your goods or services (trademarks), the aesthetic aspect of your creations (designs), or your inventions (patents).

What is an Industrial Property Attorney ?

An Industrial Property Attorney is a legal professional who, after several years of experience, has passed a qualifying examination with the National Institute of Industrial Property, or INPI. After passing this examination, he/she has obtained the title of Industrial Property Attorney, as well as the right to represent clients before the INPI and the EUIPO.

The IP attorney specialises in trademark and design law, and knows at his fingertips the legal foundations of these matters, but also and above all the uses and practices of these fields, both nationally and internationally.

Our team is composed of Claire Yam, CPI, and Juliette Tallobre, a lawyer who recently passed the exam to become a CPI.

What are the missions of the IP attorney ?

The IP attorneys accompany their clients from the simple idea to its protection, in France and abroad. They represent them in all proceedings relating to their intellectual property rights, but also in any disputes that may arise with third parties. They always give priority to negotiation and amicable settlement over judicial resolution of disputes.