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Media brands: those registrations that make the headlines


Media brands: those registrations that make the headlines


Here we regularly bring you up to date on the latest developments in the field of industrial property. In a previous article, we mentioned the landmark decisions of the European or American Courts.

Today, we would like to talk to you about these trademark registrations that are making headlines. Why and how are these trademarks making headlines? With our article, media brands will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Trademarks registered by media personalities

Most often, the trademarks that appear in newspapers have been registered by public figures. A few months ago, Greta Thunberg had filed several trademark registrations. This information was then relayed by a large number of newspapers in France and abroad.

Similarly, this week, several French newspapers (general or sports) have reported on the launch of the Hygy brand by the tennis player. Lucas Pouille. Although it has not been in the headlines for a few years, this launch has been very well publicised, as the brand concerns hydroalcoholic gel dispensing terminals. In this period of pandemic, the Hygy brand is right in the news!

But there are other ways to get the word out about your trademark registration.


Unusual media depots

Newspapers sometimes refer to more anonymous filings. Most often, these are anecdotal records. These humorous, ironic or simply absurd marks interest the public. Moreover, we are no exception to the rule! We regularly present cases concerning "offbeat" trademarks. For example, we told you about LOL and WTF brands or conflicts concerning Game of Thrones brands.

Very recently, a case involving the El Chapo brand made the front page of some newspapers. If the registration of the brand by the family of the famous drug trafficker goes back a few years, it is its current exploitation, in the midst of a health crisis, that makes it very media-friendly again. Indeed, Alejandrina Guzmán (El Chapo's daughter) organized the distribution of food boxes and protective masks in Mexico. On these products we find the face of the narcotraficant. However, this generosity could conceal a marketing interest. Indeed, journalists fear that these operations in the midst of a pandemic could be a way of bringing the Sinaloa cartel closer to the Mexican people.


Is it necessary to differentiate one's brand at all costs?

Andy Warhol used to say: "Any publicity is good publicity. "So we understand the appeal of these media brands to a start-up applicant.

However, making headlines should not be an end in itself. Companies sometimes communicate their brand name too early and get double-crossed when filing. Or third parties may decide to block the international development of a trademark by registering a name that has received a lot of media attention in one country.

Therefore, before launching the media machine, make sure that you have well defined your filing strategy, and above all that your brand is well secured!


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