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Where to register your trademark?

A trademark is territorial, i.e. its geographical protection is limited to the country (or set of countries) in which it was registered.

It is possible to register a trademark anywhere in the world, as most countries have an industrial property office equivalent to the French INPI.

But where to start?

France: the starting point

As a general rule, we advise our French clients to start by registering a French trademark, especially if their activity will initially be mainly in France. This allows them to be legally bound in their country of origin, without having to spend a lot of money. This is particularly relevant in the case of starting up a project, where it is not yet known whether it will eventually work out or not.

Moreover, a French trademark is a mandatory prerequisite for the filing of an international trademark application (see below).

Europe: the logical next step

Subsequently, many choose to extend their protection to the European Union, since the European trademark allows, in a single application, to be protected in all 28 EU countries. Learn more about the European Trademark

Please note: with Brexit and the UK's exit from the EU (and thus its exit from the European trademark), it will be necessary to file a separate application in the UK from January 1, 2021. Read more about Brexit's impact on trademarks

To infinity and beyond!

If you are planning to market your products and/or services beyond European borders, we may be able to advise you to register an international trademark. This trademark is registered with the WIPO and allows you to cover many countries in a single application, provided they are members of this system. Learn more about the international trademark

For other countries, we call on our local correspondents who take care of the administrative formalities and forward all the information related to your deposit to us, until it is registered.