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Industrial property has not been affected by the health crisis. On the contrary, the number of filings is increasing steadily. In 2020, the symbolic mark of 100,000 trademarks registered at the INPI was exceeded. The year 2021 shows a continuation of this growth, with more than 113,000 trademark applications in France. Registrations

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2019: Trademark registrations in constant increase In its annual report for the year 2019, the INPI indicates that trademark registrations are still in vogue. The trend is confirmed at the European level. The European Union Trademark Office (EUIPO) reported that it received an increasing number of European trademark applications (+5.2% compared to

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Why and how to use the symbols ®, TM and © ? Many customers regularly ask us about these famous symbols R in a circle (®), TM and C in a circle (©). They can be seen everywhere, yet their meaning is far from being clear to everyone. Most of the people questioned do not

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