Incorporation of an agent

You have received a letter from the INPI following your French trademark application because the owner is not domiciled in the EU?

We can help you.

What is the purpose of the constitution of a proxy?

In principle, only French nationals or persons domiciled in one of the European Union countries can register a trademark in France. However, many applicants reside outside the EU, or have formed a company outside the EU, and want to register the trademark in their own name or in the name of their company.

In this case, the INPI issues a notification of irregularity which must be answered within a relatively short time. The Office requires that an agent be appointed, i.e. a person who will be responsible for the trademark file and will receive correspondence from theINPI

When we register a trademark for our clients, we are automatically appointed as agents. But we can also act as an agent during the procedure.

Faced with a growing demand from depositors in this situation, we have developed a specific offer to set up a proxy.

To learn more about the incorporation of an agent, please read our blog post on this subject.

Services included in our offer

Response to the notification

We respond to the notification of the INPI by registering our firm as an agent for your trademark

Follow-up of the procedure

We follow up the registration process until it is completed

Certificate of Registration

We will forward the registration certificate to you by the means of shipment that you have previously chosen

Renewal Reminder

We will send you a renewal reminder in 10 years, so you can extend the life of your brand


  • Agent Formation Service: 120€ HT
  • Extra charge for payment by Paypal: + 6€
  • Shipping costs for your registration certificate: see below.



Send by mail

Free of charge.

Sending by international registered mail

Supplement of 10 €.

Send by Chronopost international

Supplement of 60 €.

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