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How much does a brand cost?


How much does a brand cost?

What is the cost of a brand? This is the big question we ask ourselves before registering a trademark.

The price of a brand depends on the designated countries or set of territories. The number of classes of goods and services covered is also important. We mention here only the official fees of the offices, not including the fees of the Industrial Property Attorney. Depositing online often costs less. What are the fees for a French trademark, a Community trademark and an international trademark? What are the prices of the main national trademarks?


What is the price of a French brand?

The cost of such a deposit of brand results from the number of classes of goods and services selected. The tariffs are as follows:

  • For a paper application: 250 euros if goods and/or services from one, two or three classes are concerned;
  • For electronic filing (most common): 210 euros when designating goods and/or services resulting from one, two or three classes ;
  • Per additional class: EUR 42 per class of additional goods and/or services.

For example, here is the calculation to be carried out to file a French trademark online in 5 classes:

  • Deposit: 210 euros (for the first three classes) ;
  • Two additional classes: 42 x 2 = 84 euros ;
  • That is a total cost of : 294 euros.

The royalties must also be paid on the day of filing with the INPI or on the Office website.

It is also possible to extend the protection of the French trademark to the European Union with the European trademark.


What is the cost of an EU brand?

This brand is protected in the 28 countries of the European Union. The rates to be known for this unique title are as follows:

  • Tax for the 1era class : 850 euros ;
  • Second class : 50 euros ;
  • For the third and subsequent classes: 150 euros per class.

The tax calculator of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) gives a clear idea of the fees to be paid.

Learn more about the European Trademark.

It is also possible to designate the European Union in an international trademark.


How much does an international brand cost?

An international deposit can be made at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for countries that are members of the Madrid System.

However, it is necessary to file the brand in each desired country. This international registration must also be based on a French trademark.

The price of the international brand depends on the designated countries. Each country thus has distinct fees. An application in a class covering, for example, the European Union, the United States, Japan and China amounts to approximately 2,000 euros in WIPO fees.

We retain only the basic prices here:

  • A fee to be paid to the INPI for the processing of the file and its transmission to the WIPO: 60 euros;
  • A basic fee of 653 Swiss Francs paid for 10 years for a black and white reproduction. The fee is 903 Swiss Francs for a colour trademark;
  • An individual fee for each country, which may be a flat fee of 100 Swiss Francs (e.g. China or Switzerland), or a country-specific fee (e.g. CHF 388 per class for the USA, and CHF 233 per class for South Korea).


The tax simulator help in calculating emoluments. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find your way through the various fees, and especially the filing procedure, without the help of a patent attorney.

Learn more about the international brand.

Sometimes it is not possible (when the country in question is not a member of the Madrid system), or it is not economically interesting (when few countries are involved) to file an international trademark. In such cases, a national application is filed with the intellectual property office of the country in question.


What is the budget for foreign national brands?

Not every country in the world is part of the international brand. This is particularly the case for Canada, the Gulf countries (where rates are very high) and South America.

Here are some of the fees of the main national offices:

  • United States : 225 to 275 USD per class ;
  • Canada: 250 CAD and 150 CAD for registration;
  • China: 80 € for ten products and/or services and 8 € per additional product and/or service ;
  • Japan : 100 € per class at the time of filing and 200 € per class at the time of registration ;
  • OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization): 900 € for three classes;
  • United Arab Emirates: 550 € per class and 2200 € per class at the time of registration ;
  • Saudi Arabia: €220 per class and €1100 per class at registration.


In this context, the use of a local representative, usually an IP lawyer, is often mandatory. A fee must be paid to the local representative. We benefit from a network of competent and trusted correspondents throughout the world to accompany our clients in their foreign filings.


The above-mentioned fees may change over time, according to the wishes of the Offices. Therefore, it is best to ask for an estimate from your office. Property Counsel Industrial.


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