Brand watch service

A watch to keep an eye on your brand and react in good time in case of usurpation.
From 15€ (excl. tax) /month only!

Did you know ?

Checking the availability of trademarks is not part of the INPI's missions.

The Office therefore does not proceed to background checks when new trademark applications are filed before it. 

Therefore, if someone files, in good or bad faith, a mark application very close to yours, the INPI will accept to register it if you do not react.

Therefore, in order to be aware of this type of applications, an active watch must be kept. This is what we propose to achieve for you in our surveillance service.


Why monitor your brand?

Trademark watch allows you to consolidate your rights on the brand you have chosen.

Here are the reasons why.

Stay Informed

Find out if a third party is stealing or misappropriating your brand.

Distinguish your service

Prevent your customers from confusing you and your competitors, and from contacting your competitors while thinking they are dealing with you.

React quickly

Take advantage of the opposition period in order to prevent the registration of trademarks that are too close to yours.

Protect your brand

Protect your communication investments and remain the only one to use this trademark in your field.

How does it work?



We inform you in real time of a conflicting trademark application made by a third party, and we suggest a plan of action.



We contact the owner of the conflicting trademark. If necessary, we file an opposition against the application.



We try our best to solve the dispute amicably, by reaching agreements. If this is not possible, we will go to the end of the opposition procedure.

Monthly or yearly


We monitor all identical applications . This allows you to oppose the main conflicting trademarkswhile at the same time controlling your budget .

 Monthly Subscription 

15€ excl. tax /month


Annual Subscription 

150€ excl. tax /year*

*including 2 months free


  • Identical trademark monitoring
  • Sending monitoring reports as soon as a conflicting trademark is detected
  • Analysis and action plan

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Details of the rates


European Union


Basic Watch
Monthly Subscription

1 class : 15 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 3 € excl. tax /month

1 class : 25 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 5 € excl. tax /month

1 class : 40 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 10 € excl. tax /month

Basic Watch
Annual Subscription

1 class : 150 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 30 € excl. tax /year

1 class : 250 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 50 € excl. tax /year

1 class : 400 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 100 € excl. tax /year

Advanced Watch
Monthly Subscription

1 class : 30 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 5 € excl. tax /month

1 class : 50 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 10 € excl. tax /month

1 class : 70 € excl. tax /month

Extra class : 15 € excl. tax /month

Advanced Watch
Annual Subscription

1 class : 300 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 50 € excl. tax /year

1 class : 500 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 100 € excl. tax /year

1 class : 700 € excl. tax /year

Extra class : 150 € excl. tax /year