find a strong brand

Find a good brand

What is a good brand?

From a strictly legal point of view, this is a distinguishing mark and available. But it is also a brand that you like, and that is commercially beneficial to your company.

Finding a good brand name is not an easy thing, because you have to combine all these aspects. It often happens that the brand you like is not available, or that the one you like least is available.

How to find a good brand?

Given the number of entrepreneurs who are forced to abandon their brand project because they encounter too many obstacles, and who tear their hair out looking for a new name, we have decided to give a few lines of research:

Words in common parlance unrelated to the service

Ex: Amazon, Canon, Caterpillar, Le Temps des Cerises, Diesel...

These words have all been taken from the dictionary, and yet are perfectly distinctive because they have no connection with the products and/or services marketed by their owner. The dictionary therefore offers a particularly interesting range of choices.

The family name, mythological names

Ex : E.Leclerc, Bouygues, Bacchus...

However, beware of common mythological names, which have already been the subject of multiple trademark registrations. The best thing is to dig deep enough into mythology to find something "new".

The translation of a descriptive product term into a little-known language

E.g.: the Nabaztag connected rabbit (word meaning "hare" in Armenian)

Be careful though, the term in question must really not be understandable to the target audience. So think about the countries in which you would like to register your trademark later on!

Neologisms, word-creation sites, anagrams

It takes patience, but by playing with the letters, you can end up with a name you like!


Ex: IBM (International Business Machines corporation), BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), HP (Hewlett Packard), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)...

The only problem with acronyms is that they are short and therefore more difficult to defend. Indeed, if someone comes into your field of activity by changing a letter to your acronym, there is no guarantee that you will be able to act against him. In the case of a long trademark, the fact that there is only one letter of difference generally makes it possible to successfully oppose a later trademark.

If you wish to get help, you can also use a communication or naming agency, which looks for ideas of names for you from a lexical field and a universe that you will have defined together.