trademark registration at the inpi

Do I have to register my trademark at the INPI?

A procedure accessible to all...

The INPI makes available to the public an online platform providing extensive information on trademarks, as well as an online filing system that can be used by anyone. This is in itself a good thing because, being the only organization in France with which trademarks can be filed, it is important to find as much information as possible from it to prepare your application.

The main problem is that the information given by the INPI is of a general nature, and although some details are discussed, no really practical information on the key elements of the deposit is given: how to choose a good brand, how to carry out anteriority searches oneself and especially how to analyze the results, how to write an adequate wording of products and services

Moreover, appointments with INPI advisors often do not provide much information, as it is simply not the role of INPI staff to give legal advice to applicants. Therefore, their advice is usually limited to general indications (where to order a search, which classes to choose...), but does not go into enough detail for future applicants to prepare a truly good trademark.

...but requires professional help.

Moreover, the INPI regularly refers its interlocutors to a very specific profession, Industrial Property Attorneys (of which we are a part). They are legal professionals certified by the INPI, specialized in trademark law (in particular), with significant experience in the field, and are the most able to prepare and carry out a trademark application in order to ensure optimal protection for the applicant, in perfect harmony with his project and future developments. Moreover, thanks to its techniques for analysing prior rights, it is able to tell whether an application is risky or not, which is valuable for the future and helps avoid unnecessarily costly and lengthy litigation.

Support by a brand professional can be perfectly affordable, as is the case on our online platform. On the one hand, it allows you to ensure the legal validity and availability of the name that is the subject of your project, but also to secure your rights in the long term thanks to a customised wording, taking into account your immediate activities but also your future developments.

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